Hugo Kamishi Tropical Flakes

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tropical fish flakes

We prepare Hugo Kamishi Tropical Flakes from premier quality ingredients which will guarantee a proper diet for all tropical fish.

Flake foods are the most common type of food for feeding coldwater and tropical fish. However, it is a good idea to offer your fish a varied diet and supplement their nutrition.

Tropical Fish flakes

Tropical fish are usually those that originate in tropical aquatic surroundings from any global location, including both saltwater and freshwater types.

The term “Tropical fish” is used to denote fish that we keep in heated fish tanks. Freshwater tropical fish are more popular than Saltwater due to the universal availability of fresh water sources, whereas Saltwater is not available and we have to recreate it by using freshwater with the addition of sea salt. We supervise the salt water aquarium carefully so we can preserve the right salinity since the effects of evaporation adversely affect levels.

Freshwater tropical aquariums can be sustained by simply topping regularly with fresh water. Tropical fish, with their bright colours, are popular choices for aquariums. This colouration usually derives from both pigmented and prismatic cells. Tropical fish may comprise wild-caught specimens, individuals born in captivity. These might include lines selectively bred for their unique physical features. These could be long fins, or distinct colorations, such as albino. Some tropical fish may also be hybrids of more than one species.

Vitamin A 30.000 i.e., Vitamin D 3.000 i.e., Vitamin E 150g, Vitamin B1 60mg, Vitamin B2 30mg, Vitamin B6 30mg, Vitamin B12 14μg, Vitamin C (stab.) 600mg, Niacin 150mg, Cholinchloride 400mg, Folic Acid 4mg, Biotin 3mg, Iodine 30μg, PABA 3mg.

Crude protein 48.0%, Crude fat 6.0%, Crude fibre 3.8%, Calcium 1.5%, Phosphorus 0.8%. Contains EU approved pigments.


Hugo say: “Only good will come out if good is put in.

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