Hugo KamishiTree Branch 57x25x49cm

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Hugo KamishiTree Branch 57x25x49cm

  • This masterpiece certainly is huge .
  • This branch will definately take centre place in pretty much all aquariums
  • The wood effect in this piece looks very realistic and we think even the fish will be folled
  • Lots of places for your finned friends to hide and play games in , maybe hide and seek , or maybe knock down ginger
  • If purchasing this item please measure your aquarium first and ensure if you have brace bars their is room to put it in
  • The leaves on the wood will flow along with any current in the aquarium giving it that natural look
  • Your could pop an airstone behind the tree to add bubbles to the creation and even add in one of the coloured airstones that i have seen around (wavepoint brand) for a very special effect

Hugo Say “Tree is good”

Hugo Kamishi