Hugo Kamishi Thermometers

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Hugo Kamishi Thermometers

Monitoring your aquarium water temperature has never been easier with this range of Hugo Kamishi Thermometers.

It is important to know the temperature of you aquarium, for your fish/plants to thrive in the best environment.

To make sure that your fishy friends are going to be happy all the time, use a thermometer to regularly check the temperature of your water, Hugo suggests once a week.

These thermometers are accurate, easy to read and made from durable materials.

Perfect for all aquarium types!

A little bit about aquarium heaters 

Heaters come in different sizes for different sizes of aquariums – usually from 25 watts to 300 watts.They will therefore cover any length of tank from 30cm to 200cm long. For larger aquariums or tanks placed in cool areas, more than one heater can be used simultaneously. Set the heater to 24oC for community fish. Some South American fish like Discus prefer it a little warmer. Use a thermometer to check how warm your water is.

Hugo say “Any drink with ice in is really welcome on a hot day”

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Glass 6cm, Glass 15cm, Glass 11cm, Digital 13cm, Digital 55x37mm

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