Simplicity Aquarium Cabinets

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Simplicity Aquarium Cabinets

These cabinets were designed to go alongside the Hugo Kamishi simplicity aquariums . Simple but a great build quality they certainly tick all of the boxes . Available in 4 sizes only as we dont offer these for the smaller aquariums within the range. They come flat packed so would need building on arrival

Hugo Fact about Fish

  1. A ship has a heavy keel in the lower part to keep it from capsizing. Fish, on the other hand, have the keel on top. If the paired fins stop functioning to keep the fish balanced, the fish turns over because its heaviest part tends to sink, which happens when it dies.
  2. A fish can drown in water. Like humans, fish need oxygen, so if there isn’t enough oxygen in the water, they will suffocate.
  3. The fish in the middle of a school control the school. The fish on the outside are guided by those in the middle. Only bony fish can swim in highly coordinated groups.
  4. Most fish cannot swim backwards. Those that can are mainly members of one of the eel families.
  5. Fish would suffocate if they tried to chew because chewing would interfere with water passing over their gills.
  6. The most poisonous fish in the world is the stone fish. Its sting can cause shock, paralysis, and even death if not treated within a few hours

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24", 30", 36", 48"

Hugo Kamishi