Ship in 2 Halves 58x17x31cm

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Ship in 2 Halves 58x17x31cm

  • The Hugo Kamishi collection of décor add a themed element to your aquarium
  • They provide interesting spaces for your fish to swim in and out of and most have little hidey holes for your more shy fish
  • Bring these ornaments even more alive by adding an airpump and an airstone to create a bubble effect
  • The ornament collection changes constantly as we are always looking to design new and exciting concepts to enhance the fun of fishkeeping and to ensure the younger generations stay involved with the hobby
  • The ornaments are easy to clean , just remove them from your aquarium and wipe them down with aquarium water , use a soft brush for those stubbon bits of algae

A bit of Info :

A single betta or goldfish can be beautiful to watch, and these intelligent fish often form bonds with their keepers. These and other solitary fish like bettas, goldfish, and oscars can often be taught simple tricks, and many will perform entertaining antics without any encouragement.

A large tank with many community fish is always busy. Small schooling fish, such as danios and tetras, will interact with one another, often chasing each other about. You can mix large groups for dazzling color combinations, or create one large school. When carefully planned, many different kinds of fish can be peacefully kept together, and their individual personalities will delight you.

Guppies are prolific breeders, and come in every colour and pattern you can imagine. They do great in a tank of their own, and get along with most community fish too.

Hugo Kamishi