Hugo Kamishi Rotala Claret Blue

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Hugo Kamishi Rotala Claret Blue

  • This beautiful Rotala Claret Blue plant will add a splash of colour into your aquarium.
  • These plastic plants won’t affect the quality of your water, they are a great alternative to live plants but also look great mixed in with live plants
  • Realistic designs.
  • Don’t require oxygen, fertiliser and wont clog up the filter.
  • Very easy to clean.
  • Won’t carry parasites.
  • Can be used in any type of aquarium, with any type of fish.
  • Its vibrant colour won’t fade.

Hugo says “Why not start your aquarium designing with mixture of artificial plants and learn about keeping plants before you start using live plants whilst still having a great looking aquarium – best of both worlds!”

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Hugo Kamishi