Rock with lots of holes 33x12x33cm

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Rock with lots of holes 33x12x33cm

  • The Hugo Kamishi collection of natural décor add a themed element to your aquarium , this holey piece of rock creates an ideal ornament for your fish to have fun in
  • They provide interesting spaces for your fish to swim around and can be placed anywhere within your aquarium
  • The ornament collection changes constantly as we are always looking to design new and exciting concepts to enhance the fun of fishkeeping and to ensure the younger generations stay involved with the hobby
  • The ornaments are easy to clean , just remove them from your aquarium and wipe them down with aquarium water , use a soft brush for those stubbon bits of algae
  • This ornament would look great mixed in with some plants , either aritificial or real

Hugo Fact “Fish can form schools containing millions of fish. They use their eyes and something called a lateral line to hold their places in the school. The lateral line is a row of pores running along the fish’s sides from head to tail. Special hairs in the pores sense changes in water pressure from the movements of other fish or predators.”

Hugo Fact 2 “Since a fish’s jaw is not attached to its skull, many fishes can shoot their mouths forward like a spring to catch startled prey”


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16x15x15, 29x19x19

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