Aquascaping Decor Display Kit 7

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Hugo Kamishi Aquascaping Decor Display Kit 7

  • Hugo Kamishi Aquascaping decor kit collections are simply for everyone who ever wanted to produce an amazing aquascaped aquarium but doesn’t have the time or the creativity to do it.
  • The reason we have seperated the plants and the rocks are because some aquascapers want to use real plants within our resin rocks and some want to use real rocks with our artificial plants
  • If you are buying the rock resin pack then we suggest that the smallest aquarium you should put this in is 80cm long one but we would recommend a 100cm one , you can of course use fewer of the rocks if you have a smaller aquarium.
  • There are a few types of small plants within this plant set but if you did want to add more we have a range of these foreground plants sold seperately
  • The decor within these kits are easy to clean , just remove from your aquarium and rinse out in some aquarium water . Any algae which has accumulated can be removed by a cloth .
  • Included with the kit is a detailed instruction of how to create the look in the picture but you can place these rocks many ways in your aquarium
  • Some rocks come with interlinking pieces , if you dont want them interlinked a simply place plant cant hide the interlocking parts
  • Please note you will need to have a good depth of substrate with this decor kit

Hugo Say “The only difference between stumbling blocks and stepping stones is the way you use them”

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