Hugo Kamishi Red / Green Rose Leaf Plant

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Hugo Kamishi Red / Green Rose Leaf Plant

  • Rose Leaf will add a touch of subtle colour to your aquarium with its  life-like  features.
  • The leaves will flow very nicely with the current in your aquarium
  • This plant comes packaged in a blister pack
  • The base of this plant will stop it from floating around your aquarium
  • You can clean this plant using a plastic plant cleaner available from most good aquatic stores
  • This plant is available in 4 sizes 13cm,20cm,30cm and 40cm
  • With all of the available sizes you could create a superb aquascape forest

Hugo say “Wisdom is ever fresh; other things grow stale, but this is the evergreen flower of nature”

Hugo Fact “The most poisonous fish in the world is the stone fish. Its sting can cause shock, paralysis, and even death if not treated within a few hours”

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Dimensions 13 cm

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Hugo Kamishi