Hugo Kamishi Plant Cluster 20cm

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This Hugo kamishi plant cluster 20cm selection offers a great solution to making your aquarium look exciting . It offers reds , greens , purples and a variety of looks  

Each size of the clusters comes in a variety of options which give you the choice of lots of different plants and colours 

The cluster has a resin base making it nicely weighted to sit at the bottom of the aquarium , so you wont have to deal with unsightly and disruptive floating plants !

The clusters come in a variety of sizes so you can mix and match to your hearts desire – from 15cm through to 35cm

Some of the 20cm options have a bonsai feel about them

Hugo say “having fish make happy people”

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Plant Mix

Plant Mix 1, Plant Mix 2, Plant Mix 3, Plant Mix 4, Plant Mix 5

Hugo Kamishi