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Mopani Wood is a hard African wood creates some interesting gnarled shapes. There is nothing like real wood in an aquarium to make any aquascape look more natural and beautiful. In most natural aquatic habitats fallen trees, roots and logs are all part of the natural environment. Fish and other aquatic life use these woody debris for places to hide and find food. Also beneficial bacteria colonize on the wood creating a harmonious environment.

One of the reasons aquarists buy mopani bog wood and Malaysian driftwood is that they both release tannins into the water. Depending on the size of the wood and aquarium volume, tannins usually stain the water a light amber but the stain goes away in a few weeks. Tannins also soften the water and gradually lower the pH levels. This simulates conditions found in the Amazon forests during the rainy season. Trees and leaves fall into the water and release enough tannins that some rivers and streams become almost black!

Soak before use

This wood will need soaking before placing it into your aquarium. Alternatively you can weigh it down in your aquarium until the wood becomes waterlogged.

To help remove the tannins from your aquarium use Seachem Purigen.

Please note the codes listed are for individual pieces but we also sell 10kg bags of mixed sizes – please email us for current pricing

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