Submarine on rocks 25x6x9cm

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Submarine on rocks 25x6x9cm

  • The Hugo Kamishi collection of décor add a themed element to your aquarium
  • They provide interesting spaces for your fish to swim in and out of and most have little hidey holes for your more shy fish
  • Bring these ornaments even more alive by adding an airpump and an airstone to create a bubble effect
  • The ornament collection changes constantly as we are always looking to design new and exciting concepts to enhance the fun of fishkeeping and to ensure the younger generations stay involved with the hobby
  • The ornaments are easy to clean , just remove them from your aquarium and wipe them down with aquarium water , use a soft brush for those stubborn bits of algae

Hugo Say “In one drop of water are found all the secrets of the oceans”

Hugo Snippet – Happy fish will be more alert, active, and colorful, and will live longer. In particular, research the specific needs of the fish in your aquarium .  Always use a filter to keep things clean, and make sure your fish have enough room.

Hugo Fact – Early submersibles were developed in the 1600s before the first known military submarine was built in 1775. Named the ‘Turtle’, it held one person and was controlled underwater independently, the first verified submarine capable of doing so.

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Dimensions 25 × 6 × 9 cm

Hugo Kamishi