Small Fry 30L Blue

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Hugo  Small Fry Aquarium 30 Litre Blue.

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Hugo Kamishi is proud to offer the Small Fry glass aquarium starter set, a brilliantly designed 30L glass kids fish tank with curved edges to maximise the viewing area and has a fun cartoon character on the hood to grab the attention of any budding young fish keepers.

The Small Fry glass Small Fry kids fish tank starter set comes complete with high performance LED lighting and a powerhead filter with media.


The most important thing to remember is that setting up a Small Fry kids fish tank isn’t a 10 minute job. if you want to do this properly then you must be patient.

This aquarium is only intended for cold water fish – it can easily be turned into a tropical Small Fry kids fish tank by purchasing a heater.

Ensure you have considered the location carefully as once in place it is difficult to move. Make sure the surface is flat. Ensure the Small Fry kids fish tank is not in direct sunlight as this will increase algae growth. The Small Fry kids fish tank should be close to a power supply to avoid having to use extension leads. The Small Fry kids fish tank must be easily accessible for feeding and cleaning.

When filling your tank with water we suggest you use clean freshwater and add a water treatment in to remove any chlorine. Hugo recommends using Prime from Seachem or Perfect Start from APIPerfect Start contains everything for the first 28 days of fishkeeping and will ensure your fish are fish are given the best care possible – can be bought in all good aquatic stores.


The power head provided will work the filter box. Take the power head and insert the top of the pump through the large hole, twist it 90 degrees to the “stops”, ensure that the intake pipe and strainer are on the intake side of the pump (Inside the aquarium.) Run the lead over and out through the integral clip bar in the back left hand side of the hood. Then connect the spray bar and elbow to the top of the pump, the holes in the spray bar should be angled approx. 45 degrees downwards so that water is fed roughly to the middle of the top layer of filter floss – see fig 2. This gives a good water distribution through the filter media. The sponge should be the next layer down and at the bottom the biological rings.


LED lights are maintenance free. Only the perspex cover needs cleaning occasionally on the outside so light can pass through efficiently.

Fish retailers are the best people to advise you on what fish to buy for your tank. They will also tell you how many you can put in. Remember that some species of fish don’t work well with other species in a fish tank so make certain that you get the advise from your local shop to ensure that you don’t have any unnecessary deaths in your Fish Tank.

Your fish need to acclimatise properly, this is very important. The fish have been used to the water in the shop and so you cannot just put them into their new home straight away and expect them to be happy! They don’t react well to rapid changes in temperature, light or water quality. The best way to introduce your fish is slowly. Float the bag containing the fish in the aquarium for about 20 minutes.This will help the fish to acclimatise to the temperature of your Fish Tank while still in the water from the shop.

Open the bag and introduce about 1/3 of the bags volume of extra water from your fish tank. Wait for 20 minutes and then repeat. If you know the fish are happy then tip the bag on its side and release the fish. Just let them venture out into their new home in their own time.

Feeding your FIsh

Overfeeding the fish in your Small Fry kids fish tank will cause a common problem. Excess food left in the water will rot down. This will pollute the aquarium leading to water quality problems. Fish need careful, regular feeding with the right variety of food to remain healthy and to thrive. Good nutrition will ensure that your fish are colourful, lively, free from disease and able to reproduce. Every species is different. You should seek advice from your local store as to the feeding regime for the species you have selected. Always remove any uneaten food with a net.

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