Hugo Kamishi Tree Branch 33x26x37cm

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Hugo Kamishi Tree Branch 33x26x37cm

  • This branch is tall so fantastic for hiding corners or equipment
  • The wood effect in this piece looks very realistic and we think even the fish will be fooled
  • Lots of places for your finned friends to hide and play games in , maybe hide and seek , or maybe knock down ginger
  • The leaves on the wood will flow along with any current in the aquarium giving it that natural look
  • The spindle like shape this ornament creates is great for your fish to swim through
  • You could pop an airstone behind the tree to add bubbles to the creation and even add in one of the coloured airstones that we have seen around (wavepoint brand) for a very special effect

Hugo Say “nature makes us in tune with ourselves”

Hugo Fish Fact File “Mermaids are mythological creatures with the tail of a fish and the upper half of a woman”

Hugo Kamishi