Hugo Kamishi Skeleton holding Jug Aerating Aquarium ornament



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Hugo Kamishi Skeleton holding Jug Aerating Aquarium ornament

  • The arms of the skeleton move up and down in your aquarium lifting the jug
  • When enough air builds up the arms rise  , when the built up air has escaped the arms go down and then it repeats like groundhog day
  • Small children stand for hours watching the skeleton interact with the fish
  • This ornaments also helps aerate your aquarium
  • You will need airline and an airpump to make this little sub come to life – Hugo recommends the wavepoint airpump which comes complete with airline – we have added this product to this page for ease of ordering
  • Never put an airpump directly in the water

Hugo Say “It is better to have ten skeletons in your closet, than walk with no bones”

Hugo Fact “Sometimes tornadoes pick up fish while traveling over water and carry them over land, where the fish rain down. These “fish showers” have been happening for thousands of years. Roman writer Pliny the Younger describes this phenomenon in the 1st century A.D.”

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Dimensions 11 × 9 × 12 cm

Hugo Kamishi