Spike/Amazonia Aquarium background + seaview backing gel

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Spike/Amazonia Aquarium background  +  seaview backing gel

This double sided backing looks absolutely stunning in the aquarium therefore helping you to create your perfect environment

Both sides of this double aquarium background have plants on which then adds the aquascaped effect to any aquarium .

One side is more rock orientated and one is more wood focused and adding the white background suggests space . Both sides have some exciting plants as part of the image and you can almost see them swaying in the current

Each Spike/Amazonia Aquarium background is available in 3 pre-packed sizes :




Larger lengths are available which come on a roll . Your local aquatic store who supports our brand will therefore be able to order these in.

About the Gel

The Spike/Amazonia Aquarium background comes complete with a tube of seaview backing gel .

Seaview backing gel helps to maintain a flawless and vivid view of your aquarium background. Seaview Gel creates a proper seal to eliminate bubbles, ripples and light refraction that makes aquarium backgrounds appear faded or fouled. Easy to reply and removable for convenient background changes.

Completely nontoxic – use SeaView with freshwater or saltwater aquariums, whether glass or acrylic.

1 oz SeaView gel treats up to a 75 gallon aquarium

About backgrounds

Aquarium Backgrounds are a very important factor in making your aquarium look beautiful. They can make all the difference between a plain, amateur looking aquarium that just looks like a glass box, and a beautiful aquarium reminiscent of the fish’s natural habitat . Backgrounds also play an important part of your fish’s mental well being , having a background will prevent the fish from dealing with seeing its own reflection day in day out .

Hugo say “Eventually all things merge into one and a river runs through it”

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30x60cm, 45x100cm, 60x120cm, 30cmx15m, 45cmx15m, 60cmx15m

Hugo Kamishi