Hugo Kamishi Aquarium Phosphate remover Filter pad

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Hugo Kamishi Aquarium Phosphate remover Filter pad


  • The pad measures 200x200x2omm
  • This is a polyfibre pad infused with a phosphate reducer
  • These pads will Quickly lower phosphate levels in freshwater and marine aquariums
  • They will Provide additional mechanical filtration to trap waste from aquarium water
  • we suggest you replace approx once every 3 weeks
  • cut to size to fit any hang on filters , canister filters, internal filters , external filters , wet and dry and pond filters

You can Boost mechanical filtration and therefore avoid potential algae outbreak due to excess phosphate levels.

The Hugo kamishi Phosphate Reducing Pad is a rigid polyfiber pad infused with a fast-acting phosphate reducer which will then provide effective mechanical and chemical filtration. The pad quickly lowers phosphate levels and traps unsightly free-floating debris to improve water quality in freshwater and saltwater aquariums.

What is phosphate

Phosphates (PO4) are present in every aquarium, even though many aquarium owners aren’t aware that they’re there. If the aquarium is not properly maintained, the phosphate levels will continually rise and contribute to algae growth. Testing for phosphates and learning about the sources of phosphate in your aquarium water will help you reduce the effects.

Phosphate levels are the reason why some aquariums turn green.

Effect of Phosphates

Fortunately, phosphates do not directly harm your fish. The algae bloom that results from elevated phosphates can ultimately cause problems for the aquarium inhabitants. Green water can deplete the oxygen therefore eventually harming your fish

Phosphates will naturally occur when waste is broken down within the aquarium. In addition to being internally produced, phosphates can enter the aquarium from external sources. Everything from food to the chemicals used to buffer the water to the water itself can contain significant amounts of phosphate

We would also recommend the use of one of Seachems phosphate removers – please visit for more information . Seachem has many different phosphate removers within their range , Phosguard and Phosnet to name just a couple.The Seachem site offers a list of platinum trained retailers who will be more than happy to advise you on phosphate issues within your aquarium.

Keeping Phosphates Low in your aquarium

When you’ve brought the phosphate level down, make sure it stays low. Here are some ways to avoid soaring phosphate levels.

  • Overfeeding with flake food is the number 1 cause of high phosphate levels therefore causing extra stress
  • Check out your food to ensure it is a good quality with low phosphate levels i.e Hugo Kamishi , Ocean Nutrition or Seachem are all good foods
  • You should test your water and if the level of phosphates you are adding in water is high find an alternative source i.e RO
  • Water changes will help keep phosphate levels from rising. Change 10 to 15 fifteen percent weekly, using a low phosphate water source.
  •  Keeping the tank free of debris will help avoid phosphate buildup. Vacuum the bottom frequently to remove uneaten food, plant decay and fish waste.
  • Regularly cleaning debris from the filter will help reduce the sources of phosphates.


Hugo say ” having good water quality means you have happy fish therefore you are a happy person”




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