Hugo Kamishi Moss Ball 8cm

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Hugo Kamishi Moss Ball 8cm

  • This little collection of balls come in 3 colours
  • With the world of aquascaping make the aquarium more like a piece of art the number of options you can create is infinite!
  • Little Hobbit worlds have appeared using moss balls!
  • Floating mossballs have appeared using small thread, so creating a sort of futuristic underwater space world!
  • Mossballs can create perfect little hidey holes in your aquariums for the more nervous of fish

Hugo Say “Wisdom is the quality that keeps you from getting into situations where you might actually need it”

Hugo Fact “Fish were the first vertebrates with bony skeletons to appear on Earth. Unlike today’s fish, early fish had no scales, fins, or a jawbone, but they did have a dorsal fin”

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Green, red, orange

Hugo Kamishi