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Hugo Kamishi Submarine Aerating Aquarium ornament



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Hugo Kamishi Submarine Aerating Aquarium ornament

  • This submarine moves upwards and downwards in your aquarium
  • Small children stand for hours watching the little sub interact with fish
  • This ornaments also helps aerate your aquarium
  • You will need airline and an airpump to make this little sub come to life
  • Never put an airpump directly in the water

Hugo Say “To watch the dawn emerge from the night undoubtedly gives a heavenly feeling! The fresh sun rays entwine with the dark horizon and peep out of the creek with tranquil grin”

Hugo Fact “Fish would suffocate if they tried to chew because chewing would interfere with water passing over their gills”

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Dimensions 11 × 9 × 12 cm

Hugo Kamishi