Hugo Kamishi Elephant Skull 26x12x13cm

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Hugo Kamishi Elephant Skull 26x12x13cm

  • Will add an element of the prehistoric to your aquarium
  • fish can swim in and out of the tusks creating a bit of excitement during their day
  • easy to clean
  • There are more prehistoric ornaments in this collection so you could put together a veritable graveyard of animal skulls
  • These aquarium ornaments have even been known to end up in childrens bedrooms as a paper weight

Facts about elephants

There are two types of elephant, the Asian elephant and the African elephant (although sometimes the African Elephant is split into two species, the African Forest Elephant and the African Bush Elephant).

Elephants are the largest land-living mammal in the world.

Both female and male African elephants have tusks but only the male Asian elephants have tusks. They use their tusks for digging and finding food.

Female elephants are called cows. They start to have calves when they are about 12 years old and they are pregnant for 22 months.

An elephant can use its tusks to dig for ground water. An adult elephant needs to drink around 210 litres of water a day.


Hugo Kamishi