Hugo Kamishi Airbar Airstone

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Hugo Kamishi Airbar Airstone

The Hugo Kamishi Airbar Airstones come in 3 different sizes 10cm,15cm and 30cm therefore giving you great options

To be effective an Airbar has to be connected to an Airpump and using airline

Why would you buy an airpump and accessories ? 

Most aquariums come as a package deal where you get everything you need in one box .The learning curve of fishkeeping is made easier due the plug and play set up. This is great but sometimes you therefore lack of need for a salesperson . The salespeople would be the ones to chat about oxygen and air .

The purpose of an air pump on an aquarium is to oxygenate the water.  The more surface water movement you have, the more contact the water has with the air and so the more oxygen gets in to the water . The more oxygen in the water therefore ensures that your fish are happy little chappies or chapesses.

Another reason is that the addition of bubbles is very pleasing to the eye. The addition of bubbles to any aquarium just adds that extra little smile to your face every time you look in

Hugo say “When a person starts to talk about their dreams, it’s as if something bubbles up from within”


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