Hugo Kamishi Activated Carbon 500g Fine 1.5mm

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Hugo Kamishi Bio Glass Rings are made of non-toxic, inert materials that promote bacterial growth.


Hugo Kamishi Activated Carbon 500g Fine 1.5mm


This Premium grade Hugo Kamishi Activated carbon with high purity and practically dust free .It is very low in ash and phosphate content . Hugo Kamishi Activated has an optimal pore structure and has a large surface area for maximum absorption.

Hugo Kamishi Activated Carbon 500g Fine 1.5mm removes odours , organic pollutants and toxic compounds . The carbon will keep the water clean and crystal clear .

Hugo Kamishi Activated Carbon 500g Fine 1.5mm will fit any filtration system including canister filters and internal filters . The carbon is suitable for freshwater and saltwater. This carbon needs to be put in either a media bag or a fluidised bed reactor.

The Nitrogen Cycle

Understanding the nitrogen cycle is an important part of keeping a successful aquarium. The nitrogen cycle is responsible for the biological filtration within the system. It keeps the water free of toxic compounds that are a result of the respiration of the inhabitants, and the decay of any matter such as waste products and uneaten food. When we understand this cycle, we can anticipate situations that may cause damage to this process, and prevent or avoid these situations that may lead to livestock loss

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