Hogo Kamishi Foam

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This hugo foam is superb for stores or consumers who dont want to hold specific foams for specific filters .
Also great for externals or pond filtration needs

You can just cut these to whichever size you require


The mechanical filtration concept is simple.  Basically, it is to physically remove particles and waste matter from the aquarium water.  Many times a fine medium such as cotton or synthetic materials are used to trap debris, dead plant matter, and other unwanted particles.

Mechanical filters will need to be taken out, cleaned and replaced regularly.  If not, waste products will build up and decompose, continuing to lower the vitality of the tank eco-system.  This puts significant stress on the fish and other inhabitants of the fish tank.  One of the secrets to successful aquarium care is regular maintenance of the mechanical filters.  Substituting this media will help ensure the long term success of the aquarium.

Correct flow rates through mechanical media are essential to the applicable filtration of the total water in the tank.  A slow flow or one too fast will hinder the filtering ability.  Most filters flow rates are set by the manufacturer, but many times unchanged filters will lead to diminished flow, and result in unhealthy water.

These filtration devices come in many forms and offer a variety of media.  As with the other types of filtration, combining mechanical removal with chemical, biological, and auxiliary filters can prove to be very effective. In many aquaria applications, it’s beneficial to physically remove debris, before passing the water over finer filtering devices.  Some systems even post-mechanically filter the water over a very fine medium to provide a “polishing” touch to the tank water.

Mechanical media can be used in most all filtration devices, making this the most versatile type of filter available.

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Fine, Fine, Coarse, Medium, Coarse, Medium


Black, Black, Blue, Blue, Blue, Blue


50x50x2cm, 50x50x3cm, 50x50x2cm, 50x50x2cm, 50x50x3cm, 50x50x3cm

Hugo Kamishi