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Hugo Kamishi Freeze Dried Tubifex is a high protein dietary supplement suitable for all fish and turtles.

Tubifex is an excellent addition to the dietary regime of all tropical, marine, coldwater fish and turtles. Hugo Kamishi Freeze Dried Tubifex can be added to the dietary regimen of your fish or turtle. It may also be given as an extra treat. When using Hugo Kamishi Freeze Dried Tubifex as part of the regular dietary regime of your fish or turtle, you should only provide as much as can be consumed within 5 minutes. You should take care to remove any remaining after this time with a net. If giving Hugo Kamishi Freeze Dried Tubifex as an extra treat, it is advised to only add a tiny amount (no more than a slight pinch).

Facts about Hugo Kamishi Freeze Dried Tubifex

Tubifex worms are threadlike black or red, bottom-dwelling segmented worms

They are found in the sediments of rivers, swamps, streams, and lakes.

They are able to survive in heavily polluted waters

Did you know?

Tubifex is also known as a Sludge Worm and a Sewage Worm.

In the Tubifex species, there are around 12 varieties, including one called Tubifex tubifex (so good they named it twice!) and this is the most recognised of them all and can reach 20 cm in length.

Tubifex is an annelid, part of a large subsection which contains many land-dwelling and freshwater species, including the common earthworm. Tubifex is actually a freshwater worm. This doesn’t mean they live in cold, clear, refreshing water, all it means is they don’t live in the salt water ocean.

Basically, Tubifex lives in mud, sludge and sewage. Tubifex thrive in the most hostile of environments in stagnant, putrid lakes and rivers across the globe. They a red appearance because they have haemoglobin in their body which allows them to survive in oxygen deficient habitats.


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