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freeze dried bloodwormHugo Kamishi Freeze Dried Bloodworm is convenient to use and a high-protein supplement for all aquarium turtles and/or fish.

Bloodworm is a tiny red worm which is used as an important food by fish and turtles in the wild. Also, it is one of the most popular products in the Hugo Kamishi Fish Food Collection. It is an excellent addition to the diet of all marine, tropical, cold/freshwater fish and turtles.

Bloodworm can be added to the dietary regime of your fish/turtle or can be given as a treat.

When using bloodworm as part of your regular feeding programme, it is important to only provide your fish or turtles with as much bloodworm as can be readily consumed within 5 minutes. If after this time there do happen to be any leftovers, please remove them with a net. In addition, if giving this freeze dried bloodworm product as an extra treat only add a tiny pinch.

Facts about Freeze Dried Bloodworm

Bloodworm (Chironomidae tetans) are the larvae of the midge fly. Bloodworm are small (3 cm), long, thin and bright red larvae. In the wild you will find them in stagnant pools.
The bloodworm has red iron-porphyrin protein in its blood and tissue which gives it its characteristic colour. This worm is crucial in the wild aquatic food chain. Therefore, it is one of the first live foods fed to virtually all aquarium kept freshwater aquatic animals.

Aquarists all over the world use bloodworm as fish food. In the wild, almost every fish species eats blood worms or other larvae, This means even the pickiest eaters will generally accept it. In fact, some types of fish will not consume pellets or flakes under any circumstances and should be raised purely on a diet of live and frozen foods – including bloodworms!

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