Hugo Kamishi Echinodorus Green Plant 10cm

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Hugo Kamishi Echinodorus Green Plant 10cm

  • This petite Echinodorus will really have an impact at the front of your aquarium!
  • It perfect for any sized aquarium standing at 10cm
  • The plant can be stood upright or even placed amongst rocks on its side
  • Easy to clean by washing in some aquarium water and then removing any built up algae using a damp cloth
  • This plant looks great mixed in with other artificial plants or real plants
  • The leaves flow realistically with any water flow in your aquarium

Hugo say “Wisdom is a safe ship; and we may trust ourselves to it in all weathers ”

Hugo Fact “Male anglerfish are much smaller than the female. While the female can reach up to 24 inches long, the males barely reach 1.6 inches long and live as parasites on their mates. They stay together for life. As the male ages, he gets smaller and smaller. The female anglerfish’s light is always on “

Hugo Kamishi