Cryptocorne Green / Red Silk Aquascaping Aquarium Plant

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Cryptocorne Green / Red Silk  Aquascaping Aquarium Plant from Hugo Kamishi is available in 5 sizes from 13cm to 50cm.

In this modern age where people are “busy” , but want the instant effect of the aquascaped aquarium then why not look at my range of aquascaping plants . The range is vast and has a large choice of colours to suit even the brightest of aquascaped aquariums .

The benefits of artificial aquascaped plants :

  • Realistic designs
  • Don’t require oxygen , fertilizer and wont clog up the filter
  • Can be planted anywhere
  • Easy to clean
  • Wont carry parasites
  • This silk plant will look so realistic in any tank!
  • Your fish will love exploring this plant.

Hugo Say “Do not feel lonely, the entire universe is within you”

Hugo Fact “The mudskipper is a fish that spends most of its time out of water and can “walk” on its fins. It carries a portable water supply in its gill chambers when it leaves the water. It can also breathe through the pores of its wet skin”

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