Coral Sculpture 31x17x32


Coral Sculpture B
Dimensions: 31x17x32cm

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Coral Sculpture 31x17x32

  1. Add this beautiful coral sculpture to your tank to add colour and a touch of the ocean reef!
  2. All of our artificial corals are handcrafted and very carefully engineered to be marine safe
  3. They will withstand the trials and tribulations of the sltwater habitat
  4. They provide long lasting colour
  5. They are easy to maintain
  6. We have many different varieties in this collection and so you can continue to create amazing reefscapes until your heart is content
  7. Each piece includes a number of corals attached to a base coral structure. The base coral structures are also available seperately
  8. Simply rinse , place in the desired location and if needed secure with a small dab of underwater reef glue
  9. To clean your artificial corals simply wipe with a soft brush
  10. These are a superb remedy for filling in those gaps in your aquarium
  11. They are not effected by any of your aquarium inhabitants becoming a little agressive
  12. Plus a key benefit is that you dont have to feed them

Hugo Fact -Villages tend to appear wherever there is a coral reef because it can provide a major food source for people without them having to venture out into unprotected waters, or too far inland

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Dimensions 31 × 17 × 32 cm

Hugo Kamishi