Hugo Kamishi Cichlid Pellet Tubs

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Hugo Kamishi Cichlid Pellets, a superbly balanced daily fish food ensuring your cichlids achieve optimum growth and colour.

Cichlids are one of the most satisfying species of tropical fish to keep in your fish tank. They are vivacious, attentive and are entertaining to observe. Another significant benefit of cichlids over a regular tropical fish community aquarium is that you can safely ignore the adage of having one inch of fish per gallon. The tropical fish species aquarium tends to be quite scant when likened to the cichlid aquarium. This is chiefly because most tropical fish school together. However cichlids are always roaming all around the tank, vigorously discovering every last centimetre!

Cichlid Pellets

Cichlid coloration is controlled by the endocrine and nervous system, but nutritional sources of pigment also play a role in defining colour in fish. The endocrine and nervous system both impact on coloration. The Cichlid’s pituitary gland releases hormones that control the manufacture and storing of pigments throughout fish’s life and particularly as it reaches maturity. Pigment production and storage often surges at the onset of maturity. Many species use colour to provide camouflage and for the attraction of a mate. Cichlid mature males have a distinctive vivid coloration. The autonomic nervous system directs rapid colour changes in response to stimuli such as a predator or an aggressive tankmate. Anyone who has observed fish knows this colour change can occur at a spectacular rate.

Feed fish 2-3 times daily and only as much as can be consumed within 2 minutes. However, do not over feed.

Crude Protein ≥40%, Crude Fat ≥4%, Crude Fibre ≤4%, Crude Ash ≤13%, Phosphorus ≥1%, Moisture ≤9%. Store in a cool, dry place.

Fish meal, Wheat Flour, Soyabean Meal, Corn, Wheat Germ, Seaweed Meal, Alfalfa Meal.
Brewers Dried Yeast, Garlic, Chlorella, Choline Chloride, Ethoxyquin, Multi-vitamin and Minerals.

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Mini Pellet 120g, Medium Pellet 110g, Large Pellet 110g

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