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Complimentary feeding for all tropical and coldwater bottom feeding fish. The Catfish Pellets are designed for all bottom feeding species of catfish.

Catfish are carnivores, which means, of course, that they are meat eaters. Catfish food should have plenty of meaty ingredients, and should be the first item on the ingredient the list. In the case of Hugo Kamishi Catfish Pellets that is fish meal.

Catfish pellets

Catfish are “bottom feeders”. The catfish mouth is designed to eat off the riverbed or, in the case of aquarium catfish, the tank floor. They should not have to swim upwards in search of floating pellets. That is not to say they will not do so if they are hungry enough but we want, happy, healthy fish. This means they will need food that sinks to the bottom of the tank.

Catfish are also scavengers. If there happen to be other fish in the aquarium, then your catfish is probably eating some of their food, or leftovers, already. So in these circumstances, it can be difficult to judge just how much are they getting. However, this may help you decide what size the food needs to be. While small catfish should always get the smaller foods, and bigger catfish should obviously get more or larger foods, we should always consider how aggressively your catfish scavenges to figure out how much more they should be getting.

Feed 2-3 times daily only as much as can be consumed within 2 minutes. Do not over feed.

Oils & Fats21.0%, Calcium 0.9%, Protein 41.7%, Phosphorus 0.8%, Ash 5.7%, Sodium 0.3%, Fibre 3.2% Store in a cool, dry place.

Fish meal, Maize gluten, Wheat, Vital wheat gluten, Sunflower seed expeller (organically grown), Rape seed oil, Fish oil, Soya (bean) meal, Lysine, Minerals, Vitamins


catfish pellets

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