Brown Holey Aquascaping Rock

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Brown Holey Aquascaping Rock

We sell this rock by the Kilo , by the 1.8-2.2kg piece and by the box of 20kg

Rock is quite hard to sell and to imagine what your rockscape could look like. In order for you to ensure you have the right rock we are more than happy to send you a small piece by the kilo and then if you purchase the box we will deduct the cost of the per kilo piece you bought. If you are trying to replicate a specific landscape please send us any images you have and we will try and pick out specific pieces for you

While you can save money by adding local rocks to your aquarium, if you choose the wrong kind of rock, or don’t properly prepared them, it can be absolutely disastrous. Some rocks can alter the pH, or hardness of the water, and this is especially pronounced if you have naturally acidic water. And other rocks can be infested with bacteria and other nasty organisms that can be deadly to your fish.

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when adding rocks to their fish tank is to pile them up against the glass. Rocks are heavy, and aquarium glass isn’t particularly strong. If you pile a sufficiently large pile of rocks against your aquarium’s glass, it will crack. They should always be piled away from the glass, in safe piles.

Always secure rocks in an aquarium. It’s rarely safe to pile rocks together in an aquarium without anything to secure them. All it takes is one overly excited fish, or a simple bump to the aquarium to send the rocks tumbling. And once the rocks fall, you’re either going to end up with some crushed fish, or broken glass. Either way, it won’t be pretty.

We recommend the Silicon from the brand Hobby – we have added this to our page for ease of ordering

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per 1.8-2.2kg piece

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