Hugo Kamishi Bonsai 40cm

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Hugo Kamishi Bonsai 40cm

  • This Bonsai version is tall rather than wide – at 40cm they stand rather majestically within your aquarium
  • There are 4 options within this range , 2 green and 2 red/green
  • Each bonsai looks great either as an individual plant within your aquascape or combined with multiple other options
  • Bonsai 4 looks especially great when putting two alongside each other , not one backwards , to create a tunnel effect
  • The 40cm bonsai leaves will flow very gracefully with any current within your aquarium
  • The hiding places between the branches and the leaves are endless and will provide a safe haven for those timid fish

Hugo Say “Height is a great hiding place”

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Bonsai 1, Bonsai 2, Bonsai 3, Bonsai 4

Hugo Kamishi