Hugo Kamishi Acrylic 80L Flat Marine Aquarium


550x410x410mm (including skimmer)

Curved corners

Acrylic aquarium

LED lighting – 43cm- White x10 – Blue x8 9w

Fitration pump 7w • Skimmer

Heater 100w

In stock and available to order!

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Hugo Kamishi Acrylic 80L Flat Marine Aquarium, with the most innovative expertise, is the perfect fish keeping equipment. Feeding and maintenance are made easy.

  • 80L
  • 500x410x470mm
  • LED Lighting – 40cm – White x12 Blue x6 – 9w
  • Filtration Pump 7w
  • Heater 100w
  • Skimmer

Being acrylic the aquarium is approximately half the weight of glass. Safe, durable, impact resistant, made with high quality materials and no sharp edges!

Many different products are made from acrylic, including shower doors, bath enclosures, windows, skylights and acrylic fish tanks. It is many times stronger than glass, making it much more impact resistant and therefore safer.

Recent questions asked :

acrylic fish tanksQuestion : I have a mi tank 80l marine aquarium that I need to clean. I want to remove the return pump from the sump and the pipe connecting it to the outlet at the back of the tank. Please can you let me know if the pump can be removed and if so how do I do it ?

Answer : The pipe connecting the pump to the outlet is a push fit.  Pull apart at the top outlet and lift pump out to clean. Refit is a reverse

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