Hugo Kamishi Aquascaping complete Decor Display Kit 40cm


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Hugo Kamishi Aquascaping complete Decor Display Kit 40cm

  • Hugo Kamishi Aquascaping decor kits are simply for everyone who ever wanted to produce an amazing aquascaped aquarium but doesn’t have the time or the creativity to do it.
  • The video shows one way to put together the kit , but there are 100’s of combinations on ways to put these displays together
  • The decor within these kits are easy to clean , just remove from your aquarium and rinse out in some aquarium water . Any algae which has accumulated can be removed by a cloth
  • This kit includes the backing , rocks, gravels and plants
  • If you would like us to create a specific aquarium for you then please drop us an email and we can come up with some ideas
  • Check out the other decor kits if you were looking for resin rocks
  • please note due to this kit using real rocks and not resin rocks some of the shapes may change but whatever we send you will look great

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Hugo Kamishi