Hugo Kamishi Aquascaping Decor Display Kit 2

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Hugo Kamishi Aquascaping Decor Display Kit 2

  • Hugo Kamishi Aquascaping decor kits are simply for everyone who ever wanted to produce an amazing aquascaped aquarium but doesn’t have the time or the creativity to do it.
  • Please note that the video and the image show the plant pack and the rock pack being put together
  • The reason we have seperated the plants and the rocks are because some aquascapers want to use real plants within our resin rocks and some want to use real rocks with our artificial plants
  • The video shows one way to put together the masterpiece , we have put very clear instructions on how to achieve this effect within the pack but there are 100’s of combinations on ways to put these displays together
  • If you are buying the rock resin pack then we suggest that the smallest aquarium you should put this in is 60cm long but it looks better in a slightly larger aquarium  , you can of course use fewer of the rocks if you have a smaller aquarium. If you have a larger aquarium and love this rocks pack we have some add on rocks you can buy as optional extras
  • The decor within these kits are easy to clean , just remove from your aquarium and rinse out in some aquarium water . Any algae which has accumulated can be removed by a cloth .
  • Some of the rocks are interlocking but if you dont wish to display the rocks as interlocking a plant in front of the interlocking nodules will hide it up
  • You need a good depth of substrate to use with this decor kit

Hugo says: “To really get the most out of your aquarium and fish keeping why not design the perfect aquascape which not only be beautiful to look at but will bring immense satisfaction. My aquascaping products make stunning looking aquascapes possible in a few very short steps. Please watch the video below to see just how easy it is! Happy aquascaping!

Aquascaping ideas

aquascaping ideasIf you were thinking of opting for real plants in your aquascape aquarium, think again! In his guide “Aquascaping For Beginners; Twenty Tips for Realistic Aquaria” Neale Monks has the following to say:

There’s nothing wrong with plastic. Plastic plants can be very useful, but the trick is to use only one or two ‘species’, and then to use them in quantity. Ten good quality plastic plants of the same type can look very good, but ten different species just looks like a jumble. Choose shapes and colours that will work well with your rockwork and lighting: if your tank mostly contains bogwood, then dark greens and red plants will look good, but if the aquarium has a brighter aspect thanks to limestone and sand, then go with lighter coloured plants. With fake plants, the trick is to use them to complement the design, and not to contrast with it. Algae helps as well, so don’t bother with algae-eating fish in a tank with plastic plants.”

You can read the rest of this very informative guide on aquascaping ideas here.

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