Simplicity Aquarium Collection




Simplicity Aquarium Collection

Now an easy solution to your starter aquarium set up. SIMPLICITY can be purchased in 3 parts.

Part 1 – is the glass aquarium with brushed aluminium finishing strips.
Part 2 – is the cover set
Part 3 – is an LED light

12x8x8 = 12Litres

14x8x8 = 14Litres

16x8x8 =16 Litres

18x10x10 = 28 Litres

18x12x12 = 42 Litres

18x15x12 = 53 Litres

24x15x12 = 67 Litres

30x15x12 = 88 Litres

36x15x12 = 101 Litres

48x15x12 = 134 Litres

There is also the option to purchase a Hugo Kamishi Mi Mat – we recommend this for every aquarium not being placed on a made to measure cabinet . The mats are available in matching iszes to the aquariums

The lighting – we recommend the

12x8x8 14x8x8 16x8x8 all need a 3w light (142040)

18x10x10 18x15x12 18x12x12 24x15x12 all need a 2 x 3w light (142043)

30x15x12 36x15x12 all need a 3 x 3 w light (142046)

48x15x12 2 packs of the 2x3w (142043 x 2)



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12x8x8, 14x8x8, 16x8x8, 18x10x10, 18x12x12, 18x15x12, 24x15x12, 30x15x12, 36x15x12, 48x15x12

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