Hugo Kamishi Aquarium Aquascaping slate pieces

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Hugo Kamishi Aquarium Aquascaping slate pieces

  • Slate is a natural rock , we offer the slate in two colours – rustic and black
  • Slate can be used in most types of aquarium , terrarium or reptile tank
  • Slate is good to use with fish who like to lay eggs on a flat surface such as Discus , Angelfish , Catfish and Plecostomus
  • You can create amazing aquascaping display using slate
  • You can also build cave like structures to provide hidey holes for your fish

Hugo and Einstein Say “Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”

Hugo Fact “There are approximately 32,000 different kinds of fish in the world today, which is more than all the other kinds of vertebrates combined. Scientists are discovering new species all the time”

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Rustic, Black

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