satisfactionDo you know what is satisfaction? It is not a feeling that you can easily put into words. Satisfaction after a wonderful meal does not simply mean the sometimes unpleasant feeling of feeling full if you have perhaps eaten too much food too quickly. No it is something deeper than that. If you sit down to a beautifully prepared meal but one is truly not hungry then you will surely not feel satisfaction. If however you are very hungry, perhaps after a hard day’s work then your meal will be very satisfying indeed. That satisfaction will not come from the eating alone though. It will come from the combination of the preceding hard work, the delicious meal and the subsequent contentment.

We regard satisfaction in literal terms as the fulfilment of ones needs, wishes or expectations or even the discharging of responsibilities in relation to a debt or obligation. Yet the feeling goes beyond the meagre human means at our disposal by which we are able to describe it.

Contentment, pleasure, gratification, fulfilment and happiness are all words I personally would use to describe the feelings I have when I am sat, quiet and still, observing my aquarium. However these simple words, despite their positive meaning, cannot convey the deep, inner serenity experienced in these moments.

The Japanese word for “satisfaction” is Manzoku (まんぞく – 満足) (noun; add suru to make verb “to feel satisfaction”) and was the only word that would do when I was called upon to name one of the glass aquariums from my MiTank range.

Hugo Kamishi Manzoku Aquariums

The beautiful Manzoku 125 is a sophisticated starter aquarium for first-time hobbyists looking to build their own tank from the very beginning. The tank has a unique versatility which will fit into both traditional and contemporary interior decors effortlessly.

I desired a compact and ultra-stylish aquarium that would offer practicality, functionality and reliability. Above all else I wanted to focus the design on the future owners feeling of satisfaction. I do very much hope that I achieved this.

You can view my full range of glass aquariums here and click on the individual Manzoku tanks and cabinets below.

Sayounara さようなら



Manzoku 125 Light Wood


Manzoku 125 Black

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Hugo Kamishi