Hugo Kamishi Aquarium OrnamentsWhat is wealth? We all know what we think it means and that is probably the accumulation of money and acquisitions; house, car, electronics, jewellery, clothes, shoes etc. However this is a superficial kind of wealth. This sort of wealth cannot provide happiness. We all think it does but it is not the case. It provides comfort and enjoyment and these feelings may in turn provide happiness but they are fleeting, they do not speak to your inner self, your soul if you will.

It has been established that winning a substantial jackpot on the lottery does not increase your happiness. Yes it’s true – hard to imagine isn’t it? A study by the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology interviewed Illinois State Lottery winners and compared them with non-winners and then with people who had suffered a terrible accident that left them paraplegic or quadriplegic. Each group answered a series of questions aimed at measuring their happiness level.

The study found that the overall happiness levels of the lottery winners spiked when they won, but returned to pre-winning levels after just a few months. In terms of overall happiness, the lottery winners were not significantly happier than the non-winners. The accident victims were slightly less happy, but not by much. What this tells us is that we may have a set level of happiness and external influences cannot effect this over time. To find true happiness we must look within.

I read recently of Japan’s richest man who lost $1.4 billion in a single day on the stock market. That hard to comprehend number is dwarfed by the $17 billion he still has. What use is all that money to a single man? We have already established that his enormous wealth is not making him any happier than he would be without it, so why?

I consider true wealth to derive from a content and happy soul. When I am in my modest workshop and gazing over the lake or at my aquarium I can clear my mind and just “be”. True contentment can only come from within and at that moment it is I who is the wealthiest man on the planet.

Hugo Kamishi Aquarium Ornaments

Why not enhance your own aquarium with an ornament from my beautifully designed range. True contentment awaits you.

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Egyptian Ruins 22x10x15cm

Egyptian Ruins 22x10x15cm


Ornate Jug 13x9x8.5cm

Ornate Jug 13x9x8.5cm

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Galleon 57x19x23cm - 2 pieces

Galleon 57x19x23cm

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Hugo Kamishi Treasure Chest Aerating Aquarium ornament

Aerating Treasure Chest


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