Hugo Kamishi Aerating OrnamentsTranquillity is so important to us humans with our busy minds and yet it is so often overlooked. How do we find it in the modern age? It is not in the smart phone, on the television or computer game or the mindless chatter on social media.

It is said that anxiety levels amongst the young it is at its highest ever level. However it does not take a clinical psychologist to discover why. There is simply no time now to just be as we seemingly always have to be something else. A friend, a wife, a father, a husband, a mother, a child. A smart phone user, a computer user a Facebook user, a football fan, a music fan and on and on.

Even a short time ago people just received the “news” once a day, probably in the evening whilst having their dinner, now it is simply everywhere all the time. And not just news, there are views, opinions, adverts, music etc. being thrust at us every minute of every day. Even when we are asleep we are not safe as smart phones alert us that “stuff” is happening and we should waken ourselves and find out what exactly it is.

Yet the universe is ying and yang and even suffering from anxiety can have its plus points. You may be pleasantly surprised when things do not turn out anywhere near as bad as you imagined them to be. Having a backup plan for when things do go wrong can actually save you from stress and, ironically, further anxiety. It can also protect you by provoking you to question things – that feeling that “something is not right here” is down to anxiety. Worrying is also a defence mechanism and can help you avoid problems and unpleasant situations.

And so back to tranquillity, where may we find it? Our minds are constantly bombarded with information but we must, if we are truly to find peace, find a way of emptying it. We need to find time to just concentrate on being.

Of course now it is far more easily said than done. However, believe it or not, one of the easiest ways is to own an aquarium. Just sit comfortably and observe. There is just enough movement inside to allow your mind to break free and slowly allow the myriad thoughts to simply drain away. The beauty of nature and the fish just being themselves is gourmet food for the soul. Just try it and you will not only feel better, your life may very well take on a completely new perspective.

Aerating Ornaments

Why not try some of my aerating ornaments in your aquarium? The movement of bubbles may be all your mind needs to throw off the shackles of modern living.

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Hugo Kamishi Aerating Ornaments

Telephone Box Aerating LED Aquarium Ornament

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Hugo Kamishi Aerating Ornaments

Leaning Tower Aerating LED Aquarium Ornament

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Hugo Kamishi Aerating Ornaments

Big Ben Aerating LED Aquarium Ornament

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Hugo Kamishi Aerating Ornaments

Colosseum Aerating LED Aquarium Ornament


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