feng shui aquariumToday I am going to discuss using Feng Shui, the Chinese philosophical system of harmonising everyone with the surrounding environment, in your aquarium.

In Feng Shui, the aquarium is considered an incredibly powerful tool and there’s an excellent reason for that, which I will come to later, however, firstly I would like to ask you this;

How do you react when you see a beautifully tranquil aquarium teaming with colourful & lively fish?

Do you feel tensed and stressed or relaxed and peaceful? Of course, the answer should always be the latter.

An aquarium can and very much should act as a mind relaxing tool, and a quiet mind should be the number one requirement if you wish to live your life with happiness, abundance & prosperity.

As I alluded to earlier in Feng Shui, the aquarium is considered a potent defect remedy – and wealth enhancing tool.

In the art of Feng Shui, the Aquarium is believed to have the capability to produce an enormous amount of positive energy. Also, it is thought capable of absorbing masses of negative energy.

Not only that it is also believed that if a fish dies of natural causes, then it has taken something terrible (that was supposed to come to you) and has effectively sacrificed its life for you.

Feng Shui also dictates that healthy, active and playful fish help attract wealth, health, prosperity & abundance. Also, it is believed that feeding food to hungry fish is a good karma! So make sure to get the very best fish food.

Research in medical science has also discovered that the observation of fish in an aquarium actually does calm the human mind, it is a provable fact.

If there’s a problem in some aspect of your life, then placing an aquarium in your home will help relieve whatever issue is manifesting itself. For example, if you’re always short of money, then, keeping an aquarium in a southeastern area of your living room will surely help as in Feng Shui this is regarded as the “financial area”.

However simply dumping an aquarium in your living room and doing little else will not bring the harmony you may be seeking.

In fact, there are strict Feng Shui Aquarium rules that you will need to adhere to. Also, you should be aware that violating these recommendations could cause problems.


The Feng Shui Aquarium – Rules to Follow

Place the fish tank in the living room; it’s the best location. You should keep 9 fish, 8 of which need to be gold coloured and 1 black.

Placing aquarium in the north of the living room will attract better career opportunities and advancement while an aquarium in the eastern part of the living room will help attract better health.

As mentioned previously placing the aquarium in the southeastern area of the living room enhances wealth & attracts more money.

Setting your aquarium directly under a beam in the house will assist in reducing stress & pressure.

You need to meticulous when making sure that the fish are always attractive & healthy and clean the aquarium regularly to maintain pristine hygiene.

It is imperative that the aquarium is well aerated ao the use a good aquarium air pump is essential.

Ensure the aquarium is attractive and well lit so always use good quality aquarium lights.

Place colourful decorative stones and plants to enhance the natural beauty of the fish.

Of course, it is also vital to keep an even tank climate so maintain the temperature of the water using a heater.


The Feng Shui Aquarium – What you should never do:

Never keep an aquarium in the kitchen, this is strictly forbidden as it can lead to lead to food related diseases. You should also not keep an aquarium in the bedroom as this can often result in sleep-related disorders.

You should never place an aquarium at the centre of the house, and you should under any circumstances neglect your aquarium, a filthy aquarium is just about as bad as it gets.

Finally, do not let anyone who visits your home to feed the fish.

As you can see keeping an aquarium under Feng Shui guidelines is quite an undertaking and should not be entered into lightly but, get it right, and the benefits will be most rewarding!

Happy, peaceful, prosperous and healthy fishkeeping!

Sayounara さようなら


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Feng Shui inspired Circle

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