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It is true to say that fish living and thriving in a sparkling aquarium have a very therapeutic and curious effect on countless people. This is not surprising when you consider that many Asian and other world cultures and beliefs place great importance on fish. In Chinese and Japanese culture, for example, ancient mythology links

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Doppelganger 1


It is said that we all have a double or a “doppelganger”. It may be true, and if you think about the sheer number of us humans on the planet, then it does make perfect sense I suppose. Sadly (or perhaps not – I’m not sure) I have not encountered mine, but I am certain

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Wealth 2


What is wealth? We all know what we think it means and that is probably the accumulation of money and acquisitions; house, car, electronics, jewellery, clothes, shoes etc. However this is a superficial kind of wealth. This sort of wealth cannot provide happiness. We all think it does but it is not the case. It

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