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Hugo's Guide to Fish Food 2

Hugo’s Guide to Fish Food

As with any living being, it is of vital importance that your fish receives a healthy, balanced diet. Diverse types will have different needs, some variety of aquarium fish will prefer fresh or frozen food, while others will be content with the humble fish flake. Discover just what your fish will favour using my helpful

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Hugo's top 5 Japanese Aquariums

Hugo’s top 5 Japanese Aquariums

My homeland of Japan, as an archipelago or island chain, and this means that the sea and the life within it have always enjoyed a prominent place in Japanese culture. This undoubtedly explains, at least in part, the success and status of the large aquarium. And by large I do not mean one that might

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Hugo's top 10 ways to see Japan

Hugo’s top 10 ways to see Japan

My mother country, Japan does not always conform to the stereotypical view of the Westerner. Of course, the restaurants “manned” by robots, the futuristic neon, the throngs of office workers and peculiar fashion trends do exist however another world is waiting to be discovered by the intrepid traveller. If you dig a little deeper into

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Learning 5


We never stop learning. Even as we take our dying breath we are learning about death itself. Learning does not cease as soon as we have left school. In many ways it is just beginning. Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel. We may not even be conscious of

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