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Designer aquarium products by Hugo Kamishi.

Welcome to my online store where you will find everything you need for the fish keeping hobby. From the simple net or tub of goldfish food right up to glass or acrylic aquariums. Browse my extensive range of exquisitely designed fish tank ornaments and lifelike silk or plastic plants. Great care is taken in the design of my products to replicate the beauty of nature. If you are looking to establish a stunning aquascape why not take a look at my fantastic range of aquarium décor kits, specifically designed for the budding aquarist.

From my home, by Lake Ashinoko I receive inspiration from the natural world all around me. I use this inspiration to design and create my extensive range of products. I hope you will enjoy browsing my store and please feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions or comments.

Whatever your ideas for planning your fish tank, Hugo Kamishi can provide you with everything you require to turn your aquarium into the stunning aquascape of your dreams. The feeling of contentment from watching your fish in their delightful surroundings will last for years. The perfect antidote to stressful modern living.

The main categories in my online store are Plants, Décor, Backgrounds, Gravel, Sand & Substrate, Natural Wood, Rocks, Slate & Stones, Food, Accessories and finally my Aquarium & Cabinet Collection. I’m sure you will agree that we have every requirement catered for.

If you’d like to browse my store offline, at your leisure, I have provided my catalogue for you to download – please follow this link.

Thank you for visiting, and I wish you every success with your wonderful fish-keeping hobby.

Sayounara さようなら

Hugo Kamishi