Designer Aquarium Ornaments, Fish Tanks & Accessories by Hugo Kamishi

Hugo Kamishi Designer Aquarium Products

Fish keeping is not just a hobby; it should change our lives. Fishkeeping will teach us to appreciate the simple things in life, re-enforce the art of care and responsibility and last but not least, remind us how to accept and appreciate living beings.

The Designer Aquarium Products in the Hugo Kamishi™ range are synonymous with quality and design and will go a long way in making your Aquatic Environment look as peaceful and tranquil as you desire. The Hugo range, which includes Aquarium Ornaments, Fish Tanks and Accessories, changes with the seasons and allows new colours and themes to be experimented with throughout the year. The range itself includes a wide selection of imitation plants made from a selection of materials, coloured and natural gravels, decorative stones and ornaments.


Five wonderful new products added to my growing range of quality fish foods!


The Hugo Kamishi Fish Food Collection

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